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IBS...(I meant to capitalize the title. For whatever reason, it doesnt seem we can edit titles anymore)

My doctor says I have this. I have been having problems like this for years now. It has gotten worse with time. Certain things trigger it. I am fortunate enough not to have a lot of pain like others seem to have, its more an annoyance than painful, a discomfort but nothing that bad. I have other symptoms too.

But upon researching this, I find that "DEPRESSION" is one of the symptoms...which I find interesting as for the most part of my life I haven't been depressed. That is somewhat of a new phenomenon of the last 4 years or so, which happen to coincide with the worsening of IBS, including an episode of ischemic colitis (which is VERY painful).

So I have to wonder if the occasional depressive symptoms are real or if they are part of the IBS???

I guess it doesnt matter since there is nothing the doc can do for me. Basically, you just learn what your triggers are, avoid them, or suffer.

I guess I need to become more vigilant about what my "triggers" are.

Has anyone else had IBS-like symptoms or been diagnosed?
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