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About Social Anxiety Support


To provide support for those who suffer from social anxiety disorder (social phobia).


Social Anxiety Support (SAS) went online in mid-2000. The website has changed significantly over the years and also has changed ownership twice. Despite these changes, the mission of the site has stayed the same. Much credit and many thanks go to the two previous owners who both worked to make SAS a welcoming and supportive community for people with social anxiety disorder (social phobia).

Ownership and Funding Disclosure

SAS is currently owned and operated by Neowave Media, a Washington State LLC. Neowave Media is a small business that owns and operates a collection of websites. Neowave Media acquired SAS in July of 2008. The acquisition from the previous owner was funded entirely by the single founding member of Neowave Media, a sufferer of social anxiety himself.

SAS's operations are supported in two ways. First, affiliate earnings are generated when visitors are referred to to purchase books about social anxiety and when visitors pay for professional counseling with Live Person. Second, revenue is generated through Google Adsense ads that are displayed on the website. The ads Google displays on SAS are intended to be relevant to the content of page the ad is being displayed on. There is no direct relationship between the companies whose ads appear on the website and SAS. The companies pay Google directly and Google pays a percentage to SAS. Advertisements are identified on our website by the words "Advertisement" or "Sponsored".

Other than the previously mentioned relationships with Amazon, Live Person and Google, neither Neowave Media nor any members, managers or employees of the business have any official relationship with or have received any direct funding from outside companies or organizations, including, but not limited to, drug companies, insurance companies, etc. The intention of Neowave Media is to stay independent and faithful to the original mission of SAS and find new ways to improve it's ability to fulfill that mission.

Writers and Editors

The Social Anxiety Disorder article was written in its entirety by psychologists Andrew M. Jacobs, Psy.D. and Martin M. Antony, Ph.D.

All other content that is not marked with the username of a community member (not medical professionals), is edited by Andrew Mohebbi. Andrew is the President of Neowave Media and not a medical professional.

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SAS can be emailed through our contact form.

Social Anxiety Support
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Phone: (206) 395-8761 (voicemail)