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Can you name your state's governor and their party?

  • Yes and Yes

    Votes: 40 78.4%
  • Yes, I can name them, but not their party.

    Votes: 2 3.9%
  • Uh, no.

    Votes: 9 17.6%
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Can you name the governor of your state and which political party they belong to?


1. This poll is for US residents only (sorry to those from another land).

2. This poll is only for those who don't live in California or Alaska -- you'd have to be retarded to not know the Governator or Palin.

These rules seem necessary so as to not skew results with world famous ones that everyone knows.

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Jennifer Beauty Queen Granholm (D) :lol

Before Granholm it was John Mafia man Engler (R) :lol

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Jim Doyle (D)

2010 Governor - Scott Walker

2012 President - Paul Ryan

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Where I vote: Ted Strickland - Democrat - Ohio
Where I live: Kurt Beck* - SPD (Social Democrat) - Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate)

*Actual title: Ministerpräsident. Other than his name and party, I know absolutely nothing about him.

Have a nice day,
Kelly :)

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Haley Barbour (R)

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I didn't read the OP first, but that's okay, because I know the one and his party from the state my parents live in. I knew it when there, too. It's cheating a bit, though - my dad is a very active party member in the party that the current and last three governors came from (we moved there during the antepenultimate governor's time in office).

In this state, however, you usually wouldn't be that aware of it, especially in the southern half of the state where we're so disconnected from Sacramento.

Governator (R) - Current

Jon Huntsman (R) - Former
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