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I went back to work after having a little anxiety breakdown -- I was gone for six weeks on FMLA. I was really nervous about going back because there's a woman there that really bullies me and I'm sort of afraid of her.

Anyway, I went back this week and I take a .5 of zanax about half-way through the morning every morning at work. It does a great job of keeping me mellow all day and not freaking out about anything. No panic.

And since I've been gone I kind of feel like I'm looking from the outside in at the place and I realized, for the first time since I started working there, I am not the crazy over-stressed freaked out one! In fact, I'm very calm and deal with meetings and such with no major issues. It seems to me that everyone else is stressed -- in fact, everyone else WAS majorly stressed. I can't tell you how many people came into my office to ***** & moan and destress. Everyone is unhappy. I thought was it just me!!

And it turns out that the source of that stress is, very often, the same bully who sent me over the edge. She freaks out and puts her freak outs on other people and then, EVERYONE freaks out. And she's not even the boss, just a measly manager.

So, I'm actually better. I'm actually dealing with things okay and I'm actually not crazy. It's just the impact of this *****y woman who is sending everyone over the edge. :D.
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