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I am using Xanax XR 0,5 mg and Xanax 1 mg both, as my shrink wrote these to me. I am in very hard situation with incurable situation (cancer) and I have immense depression, anxiety, fear etc.

How long do average Xanax effect lasts?
I make Xanax 1 mg to in half (in two pieces, each 0.5 mg) and take like 0,5 mg usual xanax so during the day after every 4-5 hours, one time 0,5 mg. So it makes 2 mg or so per day.
I understood Xanax effect is short-term and it is for 4-5 hours max.

Doctor also asked me to take Xanax XR 0,5 mg in the morning. But as this effect do not come so quickly I first take usual xanax 0,5 mg and 1 hour or later Xanax XR 0,5 mg.
For how long it takes Xanax XR to start to work and for how long is the effect?

Is somebody taking Xanax XR in the evening? Or Afternoon? Why should we take it in the morning?

I am also using kventiax for sleeping but when I am up 6 in the morning in my bed and shaking, I should take my first usual xanax 0,5 already then that I could be more okay when I come out of bed in the morning. That you later just could come out of bed finally and be more normal. For me xanax works better than AD. But should'nt it be the opposite?

Xanax also put me to do things. Sometimes it gives a lot of energy. I start to clean in the house and work, want to organize things.

Is anybody else taking xanax early in the morning to stop immense anxiety?

I am also under Alventa 225 mg. I anybody using it too?

Please do share your experiences and know-how.

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