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Hello, my name’s Jeff and I’m new here.

Me and some friends are working with mobile technologies and body sensors and we are looking to put this knowledge to good use. We know that a lot of companies are starting to use such technologies to manage the “body”, but not much about our “person”, our brain, the psychological part of us.
We are trying to help people who would benefit from such an adventure and help us develop the first generation of everyday sensing devices made for the brain. Think of it as a pedometer for your soul if you want. We talked about our ideas with people around us and the anxiety/panic attack came on the table quite often in the “stuff our brain does that we want to do differently” category.

This is a list of some stuff we could do

We can detect with great (but not perfect as of now, working on that) precision a panic/distress attack and isolate it from other physiological events using a body sensor and a smartphone.
We could store the time/location/intensity/duration of panic attack to help a person share them with their psychologist to help with their anxiety management. All this data would be private until you want to share it.
We could call on your phone or give you a notification when we sense a panic attack and give you hints to cope with it. Once the attack is controlled you could give feedback on the hint used to make it better for next time.
We can build the sensor to be hideable and/or fashionable so no one around would know what is it.

We have the following questions

What is your first impression about what you just read?
Would you use something like that? If yes, what would you like it do to? If not, why?
Would you be ready to pay for a tool like that? If yes how much? Would you prefer to have it by your psychologist?
Is there anything else that you feel would be important for us to know about your situation?
Is there any other way we could help you with such devices?
Would you like to work with us on the development of the tool?

Thanks a lot for your time, it’s greatly appreciated,

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