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I beckon the darkness, for only it brings the comfort I need
Staring at the ceiling, nothing on earth would make it feel right
I hate myself for doing this to you; I know I am going to inflict pain
How piercingly ironic that I am doing this to you
Believe it when I said I tried, I tried so hard to feel you too
But my heart is black, my friend, I wish I could say it isn’t true
Shall I hurt you, to feed my own insecurities?
You have been there, always there for me
I want to say things will change
But I don’t think they will
Please, don’t do this to yourself, don't let me do this to you
Is there any way I can tell you?
I have lied to you to protect something that wasn’t meant to be
I held you in my arms, hoping it would all come back
Where did those feelings go, nonexistent in my heart?
The things I wanted to say to you last night
I wanted to say everything; you knew something was a wry
But I can’t bear to hurt you, you are much too kind
I am the selfish fool. I’m sorry.

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I can relate to this. One of the reasons I don't try to form more relationships in my life is that I fear having to reject someone else (!?)
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