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A wise man once said awareness is key to freedom, peace, joy, wellbeing. Is it impossible to feel great all the time the wise man asked a blind man?

How is it possible. I don't see anyone but you that feels good all the time. I think you are crazy.

Wise man does not say a word because he knows he cannot make a blind man see with this conclusion. The wiseman said it. The blind man made the conclusion. The wise man moves onto the next blind man, knowi f that what he says whether if they believe it or not, that his swords will be in the blind mans subconscious.

The wise man is humble. He speaks when necessary. Doesn't engage in unnecessary dialogue that serves no purpose. The wise man speaks few words, yet his words make a big impact.

The wise man says one last time to all of you. Awareness is key to the absolute and key to life itself. As Jesus spoke in his parables. Yet he did not use those exact words. Different times. Same message. Different words. The wise man is happy. The wise mans teachings are the same. Yet many will disagree. The wise man knows this. Yet he is not afraid to speak the truth. Angry or not, these words will be remembered. His purpose for this thread is completed.

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