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Word in a Word (warning: takes a bit of thought and effort)

OK, bear with me, I just made up this game (or at least thought of it) and it may be fun or may not be. For any of you who like words it may be a creative way of thinking of how many vocabulary words you can find in a sequence of lettering. It gets the creative juices flowing.

First, find a word in the online dictionary (or do a medical or scientific term search) then try to come up with as many words inside of that word as you can. Then try to make a few sentences with those words and then make a story out of those sentences with the next poster (if you want a long sentence then find a long word, short sentence; short word). You can reuse letters but can't have the same word twice (you can also use slang). Also, you can use the phonetic sound of a letter, i.e. y=why, c=see, sea, etc.

Hopefully you will have fun ( or at least think you are in school lol)!

Word: Onychomycosis

Inner words: On, no, my, shy, sic, oh, yo, sis, is, coy, mon, cons, soon

"Oh no! My sic shy sis is coy. Monsoon! Yo cons, on . . . "
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