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I am a Pagan myself. My beliefs are closer to the old Druidic beliefs. However with Pagans which includes witches we believe in the love of nature and the forces of nature. These forces can have positive and negative effects on ones life and can even be channeled. Also a very strong Pagan belief is to only use your abilities for good and to help people. Wiccans / Witches have a simple creed which is "An Ye Hurt None, Do As Ye Wlt" Simply meaning do as you want as long as it doesn't hurt others. This follows through all forms of paganism.

Christians and Catholics say we are devil worshipers and followers of satan.... yet we don't even believe in satan or devils. The "Bible" goes back 3-4000 years, IF everything was to be believed 6000 tops. Pagan beliefs go back more then 30,000 years. ALL of the rituals used in the catholic church some of which are used in the christian church are pagan rituals that date back far far longer. Most of the beliefs on right and wrong and good and evil are also Pagan beliefs which are far far older.

Pagans were persecuted and labeled as evil simply to try and force conversions. We have been lied about for many many years by the Christian and Catholic Churches..... those same churches that murdered / raped / burned pagans for now believing what they wanted us to believe. Not ONCE in history will you find a war / slavery lead by pagans to convert others to our beliefs. Yet for Catholics and Christians I ask for a simple 50 year span when they did NOT work towards killing and conquest as a way to convert. Ohh and from 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D. is already out since that was when England enslaved Scotland. Murdering our men and children, raping our women, throwing babies off parapets.... all this to convert us to the Catholic Church....

Better yet just let us follow our ways and you follow yours and lets not judge each other. You can have your beliefs and I can have mine. The one thing that we have is choice, let me have mine and you can have yours.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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