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We can only heal ourselves, first of all. That is one trap that women find themselves in - thinking they can cure the man. Uh, we are people, too! You are doing the right thing by reaching out. It is also not too late. The part about your being afraid that she wants to leave is just fear. That part would have to be discussed with the doctor, though. SA is NOT the worst thing in the world to have - at this point, it can become a blessing because you learn to work through it and have psychology lessons along the way. You can be outgoing, but it will take work, and patience, and time.
I would try to seek a doctor trained in the area of SA. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy also works. :) That's the psychology lessons about learning that a lot of things we worry about it are not worth the spent nerves. :lol. Life can be fun again instead of filled with constant worry.

For me, I had a flareup of SA this week, but I know what happened and took steps to talk it out - I felt better almost immediately :).

Hang in there, and remember that we will be here if you need us. Welcome to SAS! :)
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