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From past experiences, not being yourself is a lose lose situation. Even when you completely change the way you act, dress and talk, a group/person might still not accept you. Even if they do accept you, you still lose. For example you change the way you act, dress and talk to fit in with a group. The group sees similarity in you so they accept you. Although it might seem like a good thing that the group accepts you, it is not because you are reinforcing the belief that you're real self is not good enough. This is very damaging to your self esteem on a subconscious level. In addition you have to constantly keep up the fake persona to continue to fit in.

The best thing to do socially is to be yourself. If somebody likes you for the REAL you, then this will reinforce the belief that your real self is lovable and is wonderful. If you put up an act, all you're doing is telling yourself "I'm not good enough so I have to change myself."

Anybody agrees?

Yeah thats what really annoys me, the feeling that im going to pass through this life without showing anyone (except my family) the real me. That makes me sad. Not only am i missing out, but others are missing out on my company. I can be good company if only i can show my true self and manage to let my thoughts become speech without agonising other whether they are worthy of broadcasting. We all have to try and give our true personalities a chance. Then if people still dont like us then so be it. We will be happy with ourselves.
Thx for sharing your "real" feelings with us SAS members. Hope to hear more from you!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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