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So why do some users own other user's photo albums??

I've seen it on a few people's profiles. If you click on their albums, you can access about a few other people's albums. Seems weird to me.

Why do people do this?


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As I shared via PM...

It has to do with their username...or the name of one of their albums. For example if they name an album with just a period or "."

It's not adding the albums to their profile, it's just opening the main albums page (like the forum index and showing all albums that are public).

So this:

is the same as

More vBulletin bugs :(

Out of all the issues we've looked into fixing with vBulletin, Albums has had the most problems, vBulletin 4.X is a problem for a number of reasons (lots of forums roll back to 3.X after upgrading) and vBulletin 5 is at Beta 26..not a comforting release schedule or product, really.

So for the time being, I'm sorry, but you'll just have to put up with little quirks like this that especially seem to affect the user albums.
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