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whose been on a benzo for years and came off?

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Who successfully came off a benzo after being on it for say atleast 3 years. I've been on Clonazepam for about that length of time and am thinking of trying to come off of it. How did you do it? What was your experience like?
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i was on klonopin for a few years and i got off very fast taking neurotin/gabapentin. It was funny, at the time I didnt even know it was addictive because the withdrawl was like nothing. But a few other times a took it and got off, i had delusions and felt very bad. (without any neurotin or withdrawl meds)
id seriously look into neurotin/gabapentin or what medline said, phenobarbital. ud think phenobarbital would be a downer though, plus it might be hard to get, considering its easy to OD on and a controlled substance.
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