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whose been on a benzo for years and came off?

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Who successfully came off a benzo after being on it for say atleast 3 years. I've been on Clonazepam for about that length of time and am thinking of trying to come off of it. How did you do it? What was your experience like?
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I used Klonopin 8mg daily for about 8 months and came off of it using Phenobarbital which I took for ~ 3 weeks, I didn't feel discomfort. After that time benzodiazepine tolerance / physical dependence was completely gone.
Do you have any suggestions or articles I could use to convince a very conservative doctor to prescribe this? I've been on Klonopin for years but never been able to quit successfully and have only gotten up to 1.5mg daily at my peak. For some reason I am very very sensitive to withdrawal and had a seizure even when I cut back at a speed that they might do under close supervision.
Thanks, I figured it was a long shot. The only barbiturate I have access to is butalbital and it's compounded with caffeine in Fiorinal which actually increases the chance of a seizure. Figures that caffeine and butalbital also have the same absorption rate in water as well. I think my fate is just to never be allowed the rare drugs that actually agree with me.
Is there any medical reason why alcohol would not work to prevent withdrawal and seizures, other then dehydration (which could be prevented with something like Gatorade and staying out of the heat)?
Um, I think it would be replacing one addiction with another really. Yes it would help, but when you came off the alcohol the withdrawal would still be there surely? I don't know.
I'm talking only using it for 3 weeks or so like you would barbiturates. Barbiturates are addictive too, though I admit, not as psychologically addictive, but I do have a built in deterrent to keep me from becoming an alcoholic because I have migraines and also have to hide it if I drink where I live right now. Actually, Benzos are more psychologically rewarding to me then alcohol is.

I wouldn't recommend this to many people though, but I'm just curious about whether it has the same anxiolytic and anti-seizure properties of a barbiturate.
Afaik alcohol causes considerably more impairment than benzodiazpines for the desired effects, it's also emetic and causes liver damage. Considering it's very short half life I don't see how you could use it to prevent withdrawl.
Some pretty good points there. Thanks.
You guys are awesome. Thanks again! Hopefully I didn't hijack this thread, but I figured it would be useful to the OP as well.

Alcohol is out of the question.
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