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Who lives in Chicago?

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Hey guys,

Who's interested in meeting up in Chicago or surrounding suburbs? I live in the western suburbs, but I don't mind traveling downtown. I'd be happy to pick a location and arrange things.

I saw a couple of recent posts about this, so if you guys already have something going, please let me know -- I'd love to be a part of it.
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How about we meetup at a place like Friday's or something if we get enough people. Where is there a Friday's in Chicago? I don't know Chicago very well.
I live in chicago. Getting colder here!
I live in Chicago (well, Oak Park), would probably be up for a gathering if it didn't conflict with my work schedule.
I was thinking somewhere downtown fairly close to Union Station since I have to take the train from the western suburbs.

Does Saturday or Sunday afternoons work for any of you?

id be interested in meeting some people from this site, how old is everyone?
ok, so lets set one up then!!!!!When is everone available?
I'm 32, male. Anytime on Saturdays or Sundays work best for me.
i am a 22-yr-old in chicago... would like to meet up on saturday afternoon... how about this saturday? (Oct 22)

where does everyone live in chicago? i live way out near Joliet.
I'm 21 and I live on the southside of Chicago (city)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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