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So I have spent 2 years spiraling into a pretty severe isolation. I am pretty cut off from most things considered normal.......(another thread reminded me). The past 2 months I have slowly gone on some medications and am getting my mind/body back together.........I am relatively OK with trying to tackle social things or just getting out.....

But where do you start?

THen trying to figure out where to start to reconnect with the outside world is very, very tough to do after months or years of some severe isolation. Where do you go to do you get back into the swing of things with college..........where do you meet people or's a really, really frustrating and even scary thing least to me.

It really does ****ing suck pretty bad. 2 years ago I had a great job, was going to school, had a couple pretty close buddies, and had a great girlfriend that I adored. Now I have no job, no schooling, haven't talked to those buddies in over a year, and I slowly just disconnected with my girlfriend and about 1 year ago just said I was done and stopped most all contact with what?
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