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Are you employed?

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Nervous Wreck
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I have a fear that when I get out of the Marine Corps, it will be quite difficult for me to find employment due to my social anxiety. One of the main reasons why I joined the USMC was to start my life and hopefully shake off my SA, the latter did not work as my SA is as strong as ever. The good news is that I am a map maker and getting a lot of experience, so this will definitely improve my chances of getting a job in this field which is actually high paying. I'm even in college right now. But I am still afraid that my SA will hinder me from finding employment. I also stutter which prevents me from having a job that requires a lot of speaking. I'm basically just really anxious about being alone and having to function as an adult while having fear for everyone around me. How many of you are employed and where do you work? How many of you are happy with your jobs if you have one?
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