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Where do you see yourself in 15 years time?

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This something I've thought about a lot, and I can't really figure out what direction my SA will go in. I'll be 33 at that point. At the moment my SA is kind of mild, but in 15 years or so I could end up going crazy and living on the streets. Or life might get better, and I could end up happy and married somewhere. Where you do guys see yourselves by that time?
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Crazy and living in a colony on the moon.
Probably dead? I don't know.
Disturbingly I don't know anymore.

Three years ago I was full of ambition and I fully expected that my SA would just go away at university. But now I can see that it's a bigger problem than that, and I'm not becoming an adult like I expected I would.

So I really don't see the future much anymore since I have no direction.
Gosh, I dread to think! Probably in more of a state than I am now.
Lonely, bored, begrudgingly working a job in which I'm underpaid for all the schooling I've gone through, and really just running out the clock.
Rich, powerful, and much better at lying and negotiating than I am now. :yes
dead ... 2012 is coming :hide

or not

I'm not able to look a few months ahead at this time never mind 15 years.
Hopefully I'm free from the bonds of anxiety and depression, or at minimum they improve significantly. If that happens everything else will fall into place, not that i really want anything crazy outta life. I'd like to be content is all, and whatever that means in 15 years will be what matters.
Probably dead? I don't know.
To be honest, a few months ago I would have said the same thing. I was depressed and didn't think life was worth living after I lost my best friend, Rachel. This was the second person really close to me that I lost as my girlfriend and best friend of eleven years passed away when I was only sixteen and it killed me to say the least.

Then I hooked up with my current girlfriend, Mandy. In the short time we have been together she has changed my life along with my entire perspective of it. I don't know what I did to deserve her but I'm never going to take her for granted because she has given me a reason to live again and she has given me back my confidence too. She is an amazing woman and I am always going to be grateful to her.

In fifteen years from now I hope to be a writer and a music journalist but most of all I just want to be with her. I'd love to have kids then too. Life is worth living dude and maybe one day you will be lucky enough to find a girl like Mandy who will turn your life around.
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Married, happily childless, working a successful job, & living in a (hopefully) pretty older house on some land so I can have horses. :)
I can't see myself a week ahead, much less 15 years... hopefully alive and with all my limbs... a nice little flat would be nice.
Free of SA and depression. Filthy rich and flaunting it to all the ****ers. Hopefully, a successful psychologist or a musician. I just want money and respect.
Hmm, I'll be 36. Gosh, who knows. Hopefully living life.
In 15 years, I will be 31. Hopefully I will have a somewhat decent job, one or two close friends, and my own apartment. I'll most likely still be single. I've always wanted a pet of some kind, maybe a dog or cat to keep me company.
Perhaps the SA will be gone as well, but this is the most unlikely of all.
This is gonna sound retarded and it probably is; I haven't thought about it much. But I want to of course make the best attempt to live a regular life, go to college be successful with a wife blah blah. But if it doesn't work out that way, and after college I end up completely alone. By the time I'm like 40 or something, as a last resort I want to engage in some lucrative criminal activity, and either make a lot of money, or go to prison. In prison I'll have people around every day, I may be in a very undesirable place, but at least I wont be utterly alone in life.
Just a crazy plan I've pondered, that'll be like 24 years away though.
I still fantasise a lot. I'll be 32, living in San Francisco or somewhere else sunny and with an artistic community. Working on movies, in a good group of friends, living in my own place... I'm still optimistic, which is really weird.
15 years? Living on my own, having a vehicle, probably a bachelor pad or house, maybe a wife and possibly kids. Somewhere overlooking water, working for a respectable company where I have chances of moving up in the workplace.
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