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Hey everyone,

So this is my first post here. I've posted on forums before, but I think it's pretty cool that no one knows anything about me here...

Anyway, some background info that's important: I'm a full-time college student who has been continuously applying to low-level jobs with not even so much luck as an interview. I'm convinced more and more that people get their jobs because of "connections", something I simply don't have.

At the same time, I'm an artist (well, recently re-discovered my passion for making art), and you basically have to be somewhat tech-savvy to do anything these days. So I'm thinking about going into graphic design, web design, or maybe starting a clothing line. A little bit of everything, probably. I like far too many things to zoom in on one.

The problem is... obviously, I have crippling social anxiety. Probably worse than anyone I know. I'm sort of okay if you talk to me first, though I think of everything I say. But approaching others is something so frightening I could never even think about doing it. And if I want to succeed in this, I would have to - I do have a subculture I associate with (and would like to do so more, if only my anxiety didn't get in the way) and these are who I ultimately think would become my clientele. But I really only have one close friend that I trust, and a few others who are good people, but really unreliable.

Like with everyone else, there's a lot more to my background, and some of that might be relevant to the situation. My childhood was pretty messed up and I'm still not over it. Anything you need to know, ask... I'm an open book.

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You hit the proverbial nail on the head !

I just started a one man ( me ) database development company and it is HARD for me to try to sell myself. I have gotten on first page Google search results for my area and even my state, on 3 to 6 free business listings which made me jump for joy and gotten some companies to call me, but trying to get out there face to face to sell my services is DREADFUL. Even trying to talk to people over the phone and sell myself is awful what little I have done.

Trying to run a business with severe SA is NOT easy !
Doing the development and the programming is the easy part; dealing with flesh and bone is the miserable part.

I will starve at the rate I am going.
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