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I've had pretty good result with a dehydrated greens mix called green vibrance for about a year, but the effect seem to have worn off, so I became interested in juicing after doing some research, I got a regular juicer, but it will only work on regular fruits/veggies, and will not get anything out of wheat/barley grass. So I just ordered a manual stainless steel juicer and in the process of growing wheatgrass. Theres some amazing testimonials from people with debilitating diseases that were cured from drinking juice and doing enemas.
I'm mostly interested in switching to a raw diet and hopefully it'll help me with my fatique and slight weight gain.
The major downside is its very time consuming process and to drink the reccomended 8 oz a day, I would need to juice like 3 relatively large trays a day, so I would have to grow quite a bit of grass at any given time.

If anyone has done this, I would appriciate any input.
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