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Hello everybody,
I really need you to help me with my case and tell me your opinion of what exactly do I have!!

I was diagnosed last year with social anxiety and but on top of that, I found I experience the following during the day lately …

1- Lost motivation
2- Can’t concentrate
3- Can’t bring myself to clean and wash dishes etc…

4- Can’t bring myself to start a degree, start a long term project, investigate a complex issue at work etc. Basically anything that requires effort and time.

5- Out of 8 hours work I can only effectively work 6 or 7 and the rest is on the net because I can’t bring myself to work, specially at the end of the day , it’s like my fuel couldn’t go all way . (Of course no overtime!)

6- My memory is very short.
7- Don’t feel my life is going where I want it to go.
8- Loss of energy, concentration.
9- Procrastination

(Not sure if the above is ADD Depression or both!)

In regards to Sleep,

1- I have this urge to stay late in the night and do something fun ( YouTube, games, read articles)

2- I don’t want to go to sleep because I feel I haven’t had fun enough!!

3- My worries haunt me during sleep and sometimes they wake me up 1 or 2 times as if a mild panic. Feeling cold etc

4- I wake up every day with a headache or feeling drowsy (no matter how much sleep I get!)

5- I never get deep restful sleep and never wake up sharp!

6- I know I have some bruxism problem.

guys, what do you thinks suits my case in terms of therapy or medication for all the above ?

I have one thing that is so weird…Whenever I am having stressful, anxious, or embarrassing thoughts in my head... I find myself automatically talking or yelling nonsense or obscenities.

Note: I am not talking to myself or reading loud. I am not having a rational debate just with loud voice. This is different... Usually it is just none sense... It could be a part of a song or something a blurt out... A lot of the times it is obscenities... If in my thoughts there was someone I was upset of I will find myself yelling '' leave me alone'' or ''f*** off'' etc... I also do this a lot in the shower! I don't really sing a complete song or even a verse. I always blurt out none sense or obscenities as a song!
I know many will say Tourette syndrome, but when I saw it on you tube... it’s not the same that I have… I don’t have a tick; I don’t have a violent move. It’s more like talking to me but cursing at something that I am afraid of.
Have anybody heard of this before or have something similar?

Thanks a lot!!
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