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What would you save?

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There was a fire alarm this afternoon in my building. The fire department showed up with sirens and lights. The building residents were milling around, uncertain as to what they should do. The firemen were there in full gear, running up the stairs. Luckily, it turned out to be a false alarm. It got me thinking, though, what I should try to get out of my apartment, should we have had to evacuate the building and it really were on fire. My first thoughts were for my cat, and my important papers like my passport.

What would be the first thing you would save if, heaven forbid, your house/apartment were on fire?
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I'd try to save my computer but its kinda heavy. I'd definatly try to save my photos and my cds. Actually I'd probably take so long that I'd die in the fire.....
My first thought after reading this was 1 or 2 guitars but photos also seem important as well, papers/ID can be gotten again later
My external HDD. Pictures, files, music, video, and even a few saved games....hey I worked hard on those.
a giant box holding all my valuables, there is no way I could just pick one thing without feeling bad for other things.
My cat (if I'm in the US) and either my computer or my external hard drive. My dissertation is on both and so are my pictures. Everything else can be replaced, including the iPod, since iTunes is on the computer.

Have a nice day,
Kelly :)
Well, I'm on the ground level of my apartment with a large sliding door going to the outside. So I could theoretically just throw open the door and start throwing all my stuff outside...hah.

I'd probably just grab my backpack that has my laptop + kindle and a few books and my wallet. The rest of it I could care less if it burned.
My grandmother's painting, my computer (if I could, but I probably couldn't), my dream journals and my coin collection.
my sketchbooks, journal, and bulletin board covered in keepsakes
it's a tough question. ugh.
I would try to get all my grandfather's oil paintings out of my house. My mom would never forgive me if they burnt. I remember when I was 5 years old when the house next door caught fire mom got scared it would get ours on fire due to the hot ash blowing into our red cedar trees. She took all the paintings to the lady that lived across the street for safe keeping. She even carried all of them at once. Well when she went to get them the next day she couldn't carry them all at once. Her adrenaline was really going that night giving her extra strength. Her father died when she was still in high school so these paintings are really important to her. She gave them to me to hang up on my walls since she didn't have room to do that in her house.
Just my cat then I'd get the hell outta of there. Everything else can be replaced and I wouldn't want to risk my life trying to save some of my possessions. I guess I would try to grab my brother and sister's wedding pictures but even those could be replaced.
My cat and dog and family first, then computer, then XBOX 360, then I'd probably die trying to save my clothes. In reality though I would try to fight the fire myself. I can't see a fire getting so out of control that I couldn't as I am always here and would notice right away.
I'd grab my three gutars. My amps would be too heavy.
My pet cats and rats, I'm sure my dogs would be smart enough to follow everyone out.
Depends on how much time I have. My first thought would be my wallet and then my picture album. Since you're thinking about it, this would be a perfect time to gather items that you would like to take with you if you had to leave right away and put them somewhere safe where you could grab them in a hurry if you did have a fire.
I'd save my cats. They'd probably die once I let them going outside though, so I'd need to dig up the cat carrier hopefully, and somehow cram them in there without dying myself, from scratches (and fire).

The other day I was kind of thinking about this though. How I'd die if my clothes burned because it takes me SO LONG to find stuff that I like, lol. Also my computer. My computer has so much of my life stored on it... but in reality, I'd just leave all of that.
Wallet, phone, laptop.

I don't really own much else worth saving.
My dog. Unlike somebody else's dog here, my dog would most likely walk into the fire mainly because he's partially blind and partially retarded.
I'd save Tibet from the Chinese Government.
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