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I'd like a small tat. I have no idea what of, but this is what I dreamt of last before waking up this morning. I was with my flaky not-really-a-friend-anymore friend (we'll call her Dandruff for kicks), inside a tatoo parlour. When I asked Dandruff if she would stay with me while I got one done, she said no and lectured me on why she thought it was bad. Dandruff and I left, equally tatooless. Bummer.

It was a sh**ty dream lol.

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You could get one of those ultraviolet ink ones, that only show up in black light. I wouldn't mind having one of those.

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lol when I wanted my lip pierced I just did it myself in my bathroom with a needle. It avoided having to go in and deal with it. I've had it pierced for 5 years now and it's still holding up well.

I just want more tattoos. I think my next one is going to be on both wrists saying

'They say it's brighter on the other side of town' then the other saying 'But the grass is never greener, it's just a lighter shade of brown'

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I'd like a few piercings in each ear & a half body of tattoos.

I know a lot of exactly what I want & have for many years but nervous to go to parlor. Worse though is dealing with people in public afterwards.

That's why I just drive my old sports cars on the highway only stop for gas & don't dress like I'd like. All the attention. A little positive attention is ok but mainly just want these things for myself. Certainly not negative attention unless it means aholes leave me alone.

I posted a few unusual tattoos only because of the issues I imagine they must deal with now they have them. Sure you can stay covered up, but why have it if you have to hide.

I've thought of putting my name or Fu on my forehead at times out of frustration but never would unless I had totally lost it. In which case noone probably should get close enough to read it at that point.

Stuff like Tysons tribal do not bother me. Although I think Lee Priest looked better without his face tribal. But it is his face & life to do with as he will.
I'm glad we have that freedom at least on paper. Living it is something else.
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