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What was the last thing you bought?

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What is the last thing you bought?

What did you buy?
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A couple of new bras. Which didn't even fit well, so that brings up the whole adventure of returning them.

Before that, some cereal bars.
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A baguette, 3 types of cheese, tabouli, and hummus. 21 something

... I just really wanted to use that gif.

But yeah, last thing I bought was new bedding last night. I just cancelled it this morning, though. Normally I'd have been a-okay with dropping $200 for a bedspread (was on sale!), but I need that money for a doctor's appointment.
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Yesterday's lunch - pizza and a mango smoothie.
200 points in Path of Exile for extra stash tabs :\
a new laptop battery. It left Toledo yesterday and it's on its way here. :boogie
a pair of runners and i love them there cool
Pizza, A bag of brownies and a giant bag of doritos I don't even like doritos but I felt like eating them :stu.
Poptarts. :D
Dexter dvd
I can't buy anything yet. Lol.
Bought 2 kingsize and 2 standard pillows..I enjoy my bed..king size w/4 pillows...zzzzz
Unfortunately just for me....
I bought the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus collection for PS3 for only $19.99 :) I was going to head to the dollar store and get a couple of chocolate bars, but I don't feel like going out in this cold.
Two lovely games there. Don't think I've played a game quite like either of them since.

And one of Blair's painfully hot chilli sauces. It's a challenge :/
I'm broke so..., nothing.
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