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What was the last thing you ate?

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Post the last thing you ate.

peanut butter and jelly sandwich for me.
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Brussels sprouts with grilled chicken and sugar free BBQ sauce.
Sunflower seeds
Vegetarian lasagne (frozen from a box), fresh strawberries and bananas, and a couple cups of coffee.
since never allowed in usual supermarket 0.77 miles from home

punishment without reason

any hate comes from OUT-THE-BLUE ƒantasy imagination by/at discretion of.. Management... excrement!!! when staff feel like attacking customer at selƒie-serve checkout, ready go.. OI! YOU CAN'T!! YOURR NAME = "YOU & YOU & YOU!!" all items ripped away!
Cable TV promises motto.. all the TV you love!

then any retailer.. all he Food you love! YOU CANNOT HAVE. WEEE WILL NEVER TELL U WHY YOU CAN'T! u just can't!!!>:)

50 mile driving trips. food get devoured since previous acquisition.. 0.77 miles

now another 50 miles needed. go HUNGGRYY!! enter the local concourse, ßlocked! as if i chose a home become a yacht? isolated at sea! many fathoms away from mainland supermarket
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Cup noodles (kimchi flavour) with baby bok choy, and some matcha frappuccino.
Apple pie.
General tso's chicken and mixed veggies
Tim Horton's coffee, chili and roll, and potato wedges.
Potato rings 🙂
They make those!? I thought only onion rings existed.
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