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What was the last thing you ate?

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Post the last thing you ate.

peanut butter and jelly sandwich for me.
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Eggs and soda bread.
Sunflower seeds
Indian samosas and mulligatawny soup.
Steamed vegetables and pot roast with Sauerkraut and BBQ sauce.
Green grapes
Salmon and a leftover sausage biscuit that I got from Steak 'n Shake this morning
Same thing I ate last night. Fried rice- egg, onion, bell pepper, carrot, raisin, butter, curry powder, fried rice powder. First time to try out that powder. Wasn't that great. I also tried mixing the raw egg in with the rice before cooking it. Don't think I'll do that again. Next time I'll scramble the egg first and then add the rice.
Arby's Beer Braised Beef Burger. The beer flavor is strong so you have to be prepared in advance. Good beefiness. The one problem is they forgot to add the crispy onions which was a letdown.
El Pollo Loco double chicken tostada salad.
Scrambled eggs with bean sprouts. Not sure why bean sprouts are so freaking expensive here. Think I paid $2 for that little bag. Could get cheaper at Chinese supermarkets but it's too much of a pain to get there.

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I think probably they have to throw a lot of sprouts away so they have to charge more for them to make up for it. I'm always a bit reluctant to buy sprouts because I don't know how long they've been there. I never see anyone buying them. Or even looking at them.
Bacon so salty my blood pressure must've spiked 40 points. Bleh
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