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What was the last thing you ate?

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Post the last thing you ate.

peanut butter and jelly sandwich for me.
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Chocolate donut but I probably shouldn't have.
Corn-beef and cheese sandwich and some chips. Forgot to buy the bloody pickle so it was missing something. :roll
Cheeseburger meal and an apple pie at Maccas with a coke.
Salad - it's been hot lately and my stomach's been a bit tender.
The Costco ones have always been especially and oddly cheap, and it persisted despite the pandemic and supply chain/inflation issues. $3 for one. No clue why though since they have to be losing money selling those. They're cheaper than a whole uncooked chicken. While the grocery stores have the rotisserie chickens for about $10.
3 bucks for a whole cooked chicken?? That's incredible! I should move to America.

I think we have Costco here in Australia but I've never been in one. I've seen them on the TV - very big places with huge shopping trolleys. Are they all big places over there or are some of them just like a regular supermarket size?
Leftover Costco rotisserie chicken, lettuce, omelet I made for lunch that I didn't finish, digestive biscuit, corn nuts, cashews.

As with all good things in my life, I'm sure it won't last and it will go away very quickly.😅

All of the ones I've seen pretty much are just wholesale warehouses that functions as supermarkets, but you need a membership to buy anything except of meds.
Yeah, I think that's what they're like here too but as I say I haven't seen them.

Speaking of chicken back when I still lived with my wife and son I must have bought about a thousand of them - I used to go to a shop down the road from my wife's house called Sammy's - nice food but a bit cheeky in the price department. I remember it often came to about 35 bucks but that was including Greek salad, chips etc. Nice though.
Singapore chicken with rice and a clear broth soup.
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Club sandwich and an Ice lemon tea. Can't really go wrong with a club sandwich.
A couple of McVities digestive biscuits and a nice Earl Grey tea.
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