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What was the last movie you watched? Rate it :)

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(Like, shouldn't my post count have been halved with the deletion of the old one?)


The fact that it's subtitled totally makes it more realistic and personally involves you in the scenario, because Mayan tribesmen communicated by reading text accompanied by an unfamiliar language.
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Hellraiser: Judgment

Meh. I didn't like it. The last 15 minutes were alright. At least Pinhead made a few appearances. The original Hellraiser and the second one were great but the new one is like the tenth one in the series, so kinda figured it wouldn't be that good. :b
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

It was weird but I liked it.
The Witch

I wasn't sure about it at first but it was good.
When Angels Sleep

I liked it. I guess it wasn't exactly anything special but had a couple twists that made it all the more better.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Been wanting to see it for years.

I enjoyed it. Only thing is people kept complaining about the decisions the characters were making but it wasn't throughout the whole movie but it was a good bit of the movie. I could fully pay attention to the movie, though.
The Impossible

Good movie. Never got to finish it 5 years ago.
Gone Girl

I've been wanting to watch the movie since I read the book in 2015. It was pretty good but so creepy. Not as creepy as the book but I liked it.

Plus, it had an amazing soundtrack from Trent Reznor.
I was getting ready to ask who Trent Razor is but then I realized I wed it wong. :lol (I don't know who Trent Reznor is either :lol )

Lead singer from Nine Inch Nails. :p
The Matrix

Somehow I never stumbled upon spoilers for this movie, which I'm glad I didnt.
The Matrix is kind of locked in my mind as "the DVD movie" because it's release on DVD was (I think) one of the big things that made DVD take off. Back then if you wanted electronics, Best Buy was the place to go (I guess it kinda still is but Best Buy was the shizzle back then.

Remember going in there and they were just playing parts from the Matrix on everything.

Can't imagine not having seen it before and seeing it now in 2019. Still one of the best movies ever made (IMO)
Oh, cool. Well, they sure did a good job with advertising that movie. One makes you wonder why though. :sus Jk.

Yea, Best Buy used to be very popular. I went there like 3 or 4 times to buy CDs. :lol
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Lol I was suggested to watch this movie and it's so stupid that it's funny. xD
It's a great movie. Looking forward to seeing it again after 25 years or so...
I agree. Glad I saw it. :lol
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1 and 2
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