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What was the last movie you watched? Rate it :)

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(Like, shouldn't my post count have been halved with the deletion of the old one?)


The fact that it's subtitled totally makes it more realistic and personally involves you in the scenario, because Mayan tribesmen communicated by reading text accompanied by an unfamiliar language.
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Stand By Me
Ghost Town (2008 )
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in 3D - I read all the books and went to all the Harry Potter movies in the theater, not necessarily because I'm a fan but more out of obligation. If those movies came out today, I probably wouldn't invest my time. They're okay movies -- nothing special, but not awful either. This current one (stupid title) is the first that I'd call "bad". It's boring and has a confused plot. Who cares who is related to whom, who is whomever's kid, et cetera? Same thing with these damn new Star Wars movies. Who one character's parents are is literally what most of this movie is spent on.
The Mummy (1932) and Ghost in the Shell (1995) back to back.
Drop Dead Fred
A Time to Kill (1996)
The correct ruling should’ve been prison. But really enjoyed all the leads. Not sure why Sandra Bullock was billed as the star.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)
My first rewatch since way back. Not as enjoyable as I remember, but nonetheless epic. It’s sad the ‘shrinking’ trope isn’t more often seen because it’s an entertaining one. On my rewatch I was really hoping to laugh at Moranis but he’s more of a secondary character. For that reason, overall, I’d say I actually prefer Shrunk Ourselves but this one has more action and is set outside, as opposed to interior thrills.
The theme park playground in Hollywood/MGM Studios was a blast, although the 4D attraction at Epcot freaked me out. (I also remember Hollywood/MGM Studios Behind the Scenes Tour had the prop(?) Ant from the movie)

From Hell to the Wild West (2017)
Interesting premise with Jack the Ripper relocating to the frontier, but cheap movie is cheap.
Narnia. I heard a lot about it, how amazing it would be and I build pictures in my head how amazing it is and blagh. My week days are more amazing than that.
Lost Highway
Dirty Cop, No Donut on DVD from Netflix mail service.
The Undefeated (1969)

Pretty good zombie movie. Wasn't cheesy at all.
Ice Station Zebra, based on the book of the same name. It's a surprisingly good rather unknown gem of a cold war era thriller, although the Soviets were using NATO weapons in the movie, but then again in 1968 I doubt anyone in Hollywood had AKs. I'm a stickler for technical accuracies and anachronisms and such so I did my best not to let it get to me lol
Little Shop of Horrors
Crimes of Grindelwald. Really mediocre tbh.

I know this is petty type stuff but I'm slightly annoyed that they cast a South Korean actress and implied that she was Indonesian. Those countries are so different and the actress is so obviously korean (to me, at least), so it just made me cringe. Which kind of sucks because a snake lady and also south korean representation... both things I'd usually like. All they needed to do was just barely the line wtf, like the circus dude could have said "from the orient" or something and I wouldn't even think twice
The Shape of Water. It was OK I guess. I liked the concept more than the execution and didn't like it as much as Pan's Labyrinth, but I was also a lot younger when I watched Pan's Labyrinth so that might be related. There were some good characters, and I dunno would probably rate it 5 or 6/10.
The Mummy Returns. A lot of fun, like the imaging and cinematography.
Reindeer Games (2000)
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs - The Coen's new film on Netflix that was originally going to be a series. Overall I enjoyed it a lot, though if one of the first two stories was cut out I would like it even better.
Under the Skin... why did I watch this lol.

A weird low budget film where Scarlett Johansson drives around in a van and invites horny men to her place so she can kill them. :serious:

The above probably makes this sound a lot more interesting than it actually is; parts of it are slightly abstract (I can only assume the men are getting killed for example) and there's this obsession with long panning shots and ScarJo looking vaguely into the distance with no emotion to emphasize how 'detached' she is. This is a very slow film with almost no momentum; every now and then something weird happens but three quarters of it is 'atmosphere' with a slightly jarring soundtrack that attempts to make you slightly uncomfortable.

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Someone got me hooked onto Los Fabulosos Cadillacs..solid band man

Latino Beatles :)

for all the ghetto queens of Jamaica

****, wrong thread. Oops!
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