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What was the last movie you watched? Rate it :)

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(Like, shouldn't my post count have been halved with the deletion of the old one?)


The fact that it's subtitled totally makes it more realistic and personally involves you in the scenario, because Mayan tribesmen communicated by reading text accompanied by an unfamiliar language.
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Magnificent spy movie. (from a great book by John le Carre) Some wonderful camera work in this film.

Wild Card. Jason Statham action movie. Not bad. I feel like it was trying to do things that have been done better in the past like over 15 years ago. Didnt likemthe imaging and directing for the most part but sometimes it was nice, it felt off tho especially together with the ADR.
Pretty Woman. I hadn't watched it in a long time, forgot how cringe-y it could be.
Deadpool 2. Not quite as good as the first movie, but still good.
The Sex Monster
Risky Business
Ghost World
Kiss the Girls (1997)
Romancing the Stone
The Cat in the Hat (2003)
It's really a shame the Dr Seuss movies they do now are so boring (Horton, Lorax), because I think Jim Carrey's Grinch and Mike Meyers' Cat in the Hat are hilarious. I've seen Mike Meyers' Cat in the Hat a few times, and this is my favorite viewing so far. Simply put, when I saw it in theaters in 2003 I was simply too young to understand half the jokes. In addition to a lot of innuendos, the Cat is also extremely snarky and so looney he's straight out of a cartoon, or a comedy show.
I think that's why people hated it though: The adults thought it was too childish (and it's really not) and the kids didn't get half the jokes.
The 'evil neighbor who just wants your mom' plot is kind of stupid, and I think Conrad is put too much in a negative light, are my only criticisms.
But I love it! I wish they'd have kept doing live-action Seuss movies like this!
(I can see why the estate would be pissed off, but I think Jim Carrey's Grinch was more child-friendly. It has a couple adult-only jokes, but a lot of the humor kids and adults can appreciate)

Colorado (1940)

'Neath the Arizona Skies (1934)
I enjoyed the climatic shootout

The Sex Monster
I watched this not too long ago
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The Meg in 3D. I read the book, and this is another movie where the credit should have been "inspired by" or "suggested by" rather than "based on". It's no biggie, as the book wasn't anything great. This movie was kind of a missed opportunity to do some really creepy shark stuff. Unfortunately, none of the shots of the CGI shark were held long enough, perhaps because they didn't have faith in the CGI. Sometimes it looks good, other times bad.
The Jewel of the Nile
The Jewel of the Nile
Dude, why are your all your posts in here literally at same time down to the minute?
Back to School

Dude, why are your all your posts in here literally at same time down to the minute?
Because that's the time of the morning I start posting. I post a movie I watched, usually from the previous evening. :nerd:
"Lucky" with Harry Dean Stanton. I liked it even when it was depressing.
The Village

For years and years, I thought it was about a creature that attacked an Amish village. Now, I finally know. It was decent.
Snow Cake (2006)
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