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I recently wrote an article about concerns I have seen in online support forums so I felt the need to share it here because it affects anyone with a coinciding mental illness- mine happens to be Dermatillomania (skin picking disorder).

Sometimes when we find an online group we are too timid to post our struggles for fear that our problems won't be deemed "serious enough" by fellow sufferers. This, in turn, can create the very anxiety we are trying to avoid by connecting with others in similar situations.

While this fear doesn't go away, we need to keep it in mind when responding to others' posts making sure we are offering support instead of judgment. Most forums I'm affiliated with are great with this but once in awhile a situation rises and it can make a whole group hold back and become uncomfortable.

I have found most of my strength from online forums and many others can attest to the same feeling, so reminding ourselves to keep an open mind and not judge someone who may not experience symptoms as severe as ours is vital to their growth as well as our own. :)
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