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Hi everyone,
I have been thinking about this for a few days now. At what point do I just throw in the towel? I will give you a rundown of my life with sa.
First of all I have had sa since I was about 15..I have had many set backs which include not getting into the marines b/c my blood pressure sky rocketed to 190 over 100 b/c I was in a large group of cadets who where all watching me; to failing my firefighter exam b/c I was just to nervous to do the drills in front of all the instructers. And of course dropping out out of college when I knew I was going to have to take speach class. My relationships have also taken a hit..I just cannot find a girl that can deal with it yet.So ya its effected my life negatively in a few ways...On the positive side of things I have managed to hold a job all these years and luckily I can leave the house and I have had some good times over the years. Right now I am 29 soon to be 30 and I am just struggling to what I should do with sa and my life. I work for Costco wholesale which is a large big-box retailer and it takes me 4 mg a day of clonazepam to just be around all those people. I come home stressed and tired..somedays I am ok..I drink just so I can dull the pain and pressure from the day.I have been doing this for a while and I know its not healthy. I know its a great job and it will pay good bucks in a couple of yours but is it really worth it? I mean this is ridiculous right? I am trying to survive in this rat race, work this sa driven job and its killing me..I do it to make my folks proud and obvioulsly to make money and have good health insurance, 401k all that stuff..At what point do I throw in the towel? I need something else I cant continue like this..I want a life..I know I can hopefully get there..but what do I do? I started a pt landscape business last year and I got a little money from i try that full time and risk it not working and never being able to go back to Costco? I love to work by myself and think that would basically cure half of my sa right there.Or do I say **** it and not worry about bills or anything and backpack around the world? :) So sorry for the ranting..any advice would help..positive and negative


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hey, i think that it depends on what your goals are. if you need lots of money to do what you want to do then keep your job. if you really like the landscape stuff and think you can do it then i think that you should.

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Don't give up

Hey there,

I really understand what you're going through right now and I would go with being a landscaper if that's what you really enjoy doing. There is a lot of stress involved in running your own business but at least you can work by yourself most of the time and you don't have to put up with everybody's BS. Don't throw the towel in yet ... you're way too young for that.

Stay strong and stay focused,


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I agree with Andy. You should try and imagine where/how you'd like to see yourself in 5, 10, 15, etc, years and what are your priorities. Is it to have stability in a job or in your relationship? Or maybe being more adventurous and traveling or taking financial risks? Do you want a family (I'm not sure you could take a pregnant gf/wife & babies backbacking with you, ;) ). And as for SA, do you want to feel like you can just be comfortable in minimal & controllable situations or would you not be happy unless you could get by in practically any situation (within reason) that life threw at you?

These are questions that everyone has to ask themselves at some point. they aren't easy because no matter what there is always going to have to be compromise... you will always have to miss out on some things to get others and I suppose it's those preferences that'll let you know whether it's the right time or not to "throw in the towel".

(sorry it's a long response!)

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I would definitely keep your stable job or at least quit on great terms so you can possibly get you position back if all fails.
Last year I gave up my job to pursue my own online retail business. It started off so great, I was so excited because the $$$ was raining in for me. It was kind of surprising because of this lousy azz economy. But guess what? The money stopped coming in. I got in debt, had to move back in with my mom etc...I have no job now. Stressing out because of it plus depression and anxiety is eating me up. Oh how I wished I never would have quit my last job. I don't think my anxiety would have reached this stage and I wouldn't have lost contact with my friends. But that's besides the fact. Make a good choice!

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Do what makes you happy. If having lots of cash makes you happy, then working hard for that job would be worth it. One thing I noticed is ppl here tend to blame ALL their problems on SAD. Yes, it causes a lot of issues, but u cant just give up and let it ruin your life.
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