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-crowds and busy streets

-sometimes answering the phone but mostly making phone calls

-greeting people because I feel awkward doing small talk because it seems so pointless but I feel compelled to make small talk anyway. then I'm afraid that people will see through it and think I'm rejecting them and then they'll reject me as a result.

-walking past people on the street (mostly women)

-in social situations (when I'm sober) when I have to be around, meet or talk to new people

-when people look at me. mostly women (one is enough to make me anxious) or two or more men make me anxious.

-when I walk past people who are laughing (I always think they're laughing at me)

-when I walk out of the house (I live in the center of downtown in a large city. I feel safer if I'm wearing sunglasses and people can't see my eyes.)

-when people ask me questions about myself or I'm ever at the center of attention

-authority figures

-dealing with people who are mean to me (I can handle rude but not mean because mean is personal)

The list goes on.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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