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My anxiety spikes whenever the conversation topic is about myself, especially when in a group setting. I don't want to be the subject. Talk about something else, please.

Along the same lines, any sort of informal social settings. For example, I've done some retail work and do OK dealing with customers as long as things remain work-related. My anxiety increases if they start talking to me about something personal - again, I don't want to be the topic of conversation.

Being in a new place also spikes my anxiety - like being in a part of the city I'm not familiar with, or when I first started college and had to get used to the campus... those sorts of situations... I like to be in familiar surroundings.

As bad as my SA is "in the moment", it is the anticipatory anxiety that is the worst... it just consumes me.. very difficult to deal with... Everything from presentations to simple family get-togethers triggers it in a big way.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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