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1. Telephones - making calls, answering calls, listening to messages
2. Accepting invites to social events (the larger the event, the worse it is)
3. Meeting someone as 'me' rather than me in my work role (where I am really confident)
4. Being around other females
5. Being with anyone one-to-one socially other than my partner or one of my own children
6. Making decisions - fear of making the wrong one
7. Fear of making a fool of myself in public
8. Having to 'keep up a social act' for any length of time and having no-where to hide.
9. Having guests in the house, particularly overnight and parties
10. Step-daughter and her friends
11. Seeing partners ex-wife, and new wife of my ex-husband (both hate me!)
12. Dealing with my partner's temper and lack of understanding
13. My family
14. Starting a conversation/ keeping a conversation going
15. Talking to other mums (I feel they judge me for not having 100% custody)
16. Having to arrange trips/ activities etc for the children in holidays
17. Calling in sick
18. Sex
19. Worrying what people think of my behaviour
20. Stressing about not being a normal woman and not having close friends to confide in
21. Paranoia - people talking about me behind my back - people I know or strangers
22. Wearing a bikini - particularly in front of the kids/ step daughter
23. Skiing and pressure to do so with family
24. Starting a new job for my partner
25 calling my mum back
26. Getting/ looking older
27. Wasting my life
28. The fact that I am now totally financially dependant on my partner
29. Having panic attacks (well, overwhelming need to cry and hide somewhere to sob. Light headed, racing heart, detached vision etc if this is a panic attack?)

Sorry - just a cathartic list for my own rambling and as prep for a discussion (perhaps) with partner or day...or maybe not! :no
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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