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pain provoking
gut wrenching
stomach churning
head pounding
mind boggling
hands shaking
eyes wandering
Thoughts out of control
Feelings, all rock but no roll
Searching for just a slice of hope
praying for some releif, i'm praying as much as the pope
Lost inside my very own head
such a struggle each morning to get out of bed
Trying to keep on that fake smile that I show to the world outside
but my eyes still tell the world that all I really want to do is hide.
When will I get all the answers i've been longing to find?
when will my feelings get out of this bind?
When will I find something that allows me to unwind?
And when will I be able to stop my thoughts from spinning in this ever so miserable, pain provoking grind.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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