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What do you think of people who dont use turn signals?

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It drives me nuts! Its not that hard to move your hand a little bit to flip on the signal. If there is no one around, who cares, but if there is just use it!!!
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they aren't following the rules of the drivers manual

drivers today have so much other things on their mind to think straight about driving correctly.

i think people should remember to use turn-signals while driving.

wake up! pay attention people! you can hurt people while driving!
It's not hard to do, I never forgot and I don't see why anyone else would either. It's just pure lazyness and it irritates the hell out of me. You shouldn't even be driving if you can't even indicate.
Very annoying, especially when switching lanes on the highway!
They are probably too busy talking on their cell phones, eating, picking their noses, doing crossword puzzles, reaching into the back seat to smack one of their kids.....any and all of these activities take priority over use of the turn-signal ;)
I think they are annoying. Would it really kill you to signal before you make a sudden turn at the very last second or when you're trying to switch lanes?
Almost ran into a person yesterday because they were talking on their phone and just zoomed over in front of me. That was annoying on it's own, but they squeezed in between my car and another during high traffic. If the person in front of me had braked right after the car squeezed in, we would have had an accident.
I'm from Michigan, so I don't really care about turn signals. You can usually tell when a car wants to turn or change lanes if you're paying attention anyway.

People in Ohio get really mad when you don't use them. I mean, really, really mad. :rofl

Have a nice day,
Kelly :)
It bothers me. I do it even when nobody is around, just a habit. I almost got into an accident once because a guy didn't use it.
I always signal. It's a safety issue -- what if there was a car in my blind spot that I failed to notice; a signal might suggest to them that they get out of the way.

Then there are those folks who signal with a single blink after they're already most of the way into the other lane as if to say "I did that on purpose and am not drunk".
I swear where I live is the don't use the turn signal capital of the upper midwest. They just stop and turn without warning. They also won't signal when pulling out of a parallel parking space. You got to watch everyone here. I even had them pull out from a side street and go right in front of me and then turn without signaling. I am going to rear end someone eventually. My father said it is mercury poisoning that causes this. I am starting to believe it.
It can be quite frustrating, especially considering I'm on a bike and I've had some near-death experiences because of it.
People who don't use turn signals create traffic hazards and are accidents waiting to happen. They are inconsiderate, selfish and should be ticketed for breaking the law. Maybe they should be made to retake their driving test (after so many offenses) and be sent back to traffic school.

For instance: If a person is in a passing lane about to make a left hand turn without using a turn signal and someone proceeds to pass that individual on the left at the exact same time, then you can be sure there will be an accident. No doubt the person who didn't use his or her signal will be at fault. However, that is beside the point...the damage will have already been done, not to mention somebody can be killed in the process. In a case like this it can be serious and unfortunately, there are many such cases. It is something to think about. People should use their turn signals. It's the law and besides, what's the big deal? It doesn't take half a brain to use one so why not use it. It's just common sense, considerate, and reflects proper driving etiquette to say the least.
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It can be quite frustrating, especially considering I'm on a bike and I've had some near-death experiences because of it.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I have had that happen when I was on my bike too! That is one of the scariest things ever!
My mom never uses her turn signals. I hate being in the car with her because she's a horrible driver.
Yes it also sometimes irks me. Been in accident lately if only I didn't hit my brake fast enough. Somebody just don't bother to give a signal and they could be hit or worse it is the one next to them. What I did is report it to the authority and they got his license from him big deal.
It's extremely irritating. I also hate it when I'm waiting for someone to go by when I'm about to pull out of somewhere, like a parking lot.....only to find out that they're NOT going straight ahead but turning into where I'm pulling out of...without using their signal. They must think I'm just sitting there for the hell of it. :roll These are the dumbasses who shouldn't be out on the road.
It is annoying when people don't use turn signals but if you are a good defensive driver it shouldn't bother you too much. This means you shouldn't be following so close that you could get into an accident if they don't tell you they are going to turn. Also, even when people do use their turn signal that doesn't mean you automatically trust it. If I am waiting to enter traffic at an intersection and someone signals they are going to turn I still wait for them to actually make the turn before I enter the intersection. Don't put yourself in the position of vulnerability, instead take control of the situation and let the bad drivers deal with each other.
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