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When I was a freshman I took a psychology class and we learned about different psychology “disorders”, and one of them seemed to be very similar to how I felt. But, I never understood how they were disorders, and it doesn’t seem like they have treatments for them either.

I still don’t see what makes them disorders... I have a personality... is it a malady? Sure my personality sucks... but is it a symptom of a biological malfunction? What do you think... are personality disorders just general schema that psychologists use to describe those with poor personalities?
They represent extremes of thoughts and behaviours that we all have. They're usually bad for the person and/or those around them. Since they're not really defined physically it's difficult to just throw any particular medicine at them. They tend to be at the core of the person's identity, so a 'cure' is usually not possible. A tiger can't change its stripes.

For people willing to change, some progress is possible, though.
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