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What first catches your attention when you see a member of the opposite sex?

What do you notice first about the opposite sex?

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It depends. If she's facing me I notice her face first. If she has her back to me, then I definitely stare at her butt.
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:um i am a butt man :kma :kma
Usually face/hair. :love

I chose hair because it was the lonely one.
Uh, I notice his eyes or hair first.
Face. Eyes and smile mostly
Hair. I love good hair.
I think I notice arms first. I've got a thing for nice, toned arms. I guess that's why I like sleeveless shirts on women so much. Wierd huh? :stu
face: Eyes, lips
hair: length, and darkness, I love guys with dark hair rarrrrrr :b
Face and then the butt! :popcorn :b
1 - 20 of 71 Posts
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