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Après moi, le déluge
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Wake up around 10:00 a.m.
Eat breakfast.
Jogging/walking for an hour and a half.
Shower, get ready, clean room.
Check email, FB, SAS, download Stewart/Colbert
Lunch, watch Stewart.
Grocery store, if necessary.
Dinner, alone or with other people. (If alone, watch Colbert.)
Around 9:00 p.m. movie night, bar, socialize with other people who live here.
Bedtime anywhere from midnight to 4:00 a.m.

No fun tonight though. I still have more work to do. Boo.

Have a nice day,
Kelly :)

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*Wake up 12 pm - 1 pm
*Play with my cat
*Internet. Maybe look for a job
*Usually run 3 times a week in a nearby park
*Dinner around 6 pm
*Internet or reading
*Watch sports
*Watch some of my favorite shows: Paranormal State, Intervention, Obsessed
*Have something to eat
*Watch a movie
*Fall asleep at around 5 am

Dying Slowly... :(
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-Wake up at 5am
-Eat Breakfast
-Wait for the bus at 6am
-Start Work at 7:30am
-Go back home at 4pm
-Get home about 5:30
-Watch TV/Movies
-Go online
-Play around with Photoshop/Illustrator
-Go online/Watch Videos/Listen to music until 10pm
-Go to sleep.

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get out of bed, take a shower, go on myspace/watch youtube vids, talk to my boyfriend on the phone, if its a nice sunny day i go outside and listen to muy ipod and tan, depending if its a friday, sunday, or monday i'll watch tv since i have shows that i watch on on those days.... eat to stay alive, go on myspace some more. blah. fill out job applications since i really need a job [even though i'm afraid to have one =/ ] yeah. that's about it. if i'm lucky i'll go out once a week or once every 1 1/2 weeks. mostly just getting groceries or other must haves. i suck. when there's absolutely nothing to do i go listen to music in my room and try to take a nap..

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wake up between 2 and 4
coffee, cigarette, breakfast
go online, play DoD or draw
go to work at 6 (on the days I do work)
come home around 11
watch tv and sit on computer
go for a walk around 12 or 1
go to sleep around 3-4
then do it all over again the next day...

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when im not working:

wake up around 11 or 12pm
turn on computer
make some oatmeal or grab whatevers in the fridge
watch tv
back on computer again
work out on my elliptical at the garage
computer again
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