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What do you do with your hands?

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So long story short, I have learned that I have less anxiety while talking with someone face to face if I'm doing something with my hands. Just yesterday, I was having a conversation with my manager and I had a piece of paper in my hand that I was playing with. I surprised myself at how much I talked especially the quality of what I had to say. And guess what? No anxiety! When I'm at work, I always notice that I put my hands in my pocket when I'm talking to someone because it seems to help the anxiety. Is there anyone else here who constantly has to be doing something with their hands when they're talking to someone face to face? And if so, what exactly do you do with your hands? The piece of paper thing worked for me yesterday but I can't carry a piece of paper in my hands with me at all times. I have an elastic band on my wrist all the time that I play with when I have nothing else to hold onto but I feel awkward reaching for it whenever I'm talking to someone. Any tips?
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When i'm anxious it helps to do something with my hands, as a distraction. I was nervous in class the other day and noticed that I was playing with my hair, I must have looked weird. :| I do that when I'm talking to people I'm nervous around too.
You could have a pebble or something in your pocket and if you feel the need to do something with your hands you could put your hand in your pocket and hold it. It wouldn't be noticeable.

I don't even notice what people do with their hands when they talk to me.
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