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Lol naw i wish i had some talent like that but just found Thought it was pretty good not to many hip hop songs on SA

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I liked the beat and his words.

Here are the lyrics. I changed the bad words, heh.

I wouldn't know half the people I know if I coudn't rap, honest
Half the friends on my facebook, I don't even talk to
Yet, I get respect when I freestyle, before that I was
The Child, who constantly was left out, if someone asked me
Right now...What do I do? I tell 'em music
As soon as i speak, the interest they had, they lose it
I only rap to prove to myself that I'm not a loser
Lookin around like damn, what is so amsuing?
Are they laughin at me? I'm paranoid as usual
Ignore me! Thats what I was used to, they used to
Buy into what I say. Now attention isn't paid
And the ones who stay will say..."You'll be famous one day"
But hey...cause before they knew that I could rhyme
They would say that I was shy, I'd zone out on the fly
The same crap, asked by every prick I met for the first time
"Hey man, are you allright? Are you high?
Man, you're quiet. And you don't really talk too much"
Well I probably don't talk to you cause you're annoying or stupid as F
I don't wanna explain, I'll just stare at my phone
Pretend I'm textin, just so muthafer's leave me alone, it goes...

You're the butt end of the joke, check your zipper and hope
They're not laughing at you, what the F do you know
Re-assured like you know, but your minds saying no
The Conspiracy's true....

You're the outcast! You know what are they laughing at
They ain't with you, they're all laughing at your ***
They ain't with you, (no!) They're behind your back
Out to get you (no!) So you stab em back
You're the outcast! You know what are they laughing at
They ain't with you, they're all laughing at your ***
They ain't with you, (no!) might as well be stealth
They won't miss you. Hell, i'll make fun of myself

So when theres actually someone I'm on the phone with
This girl has the nerve to say, "Who you textin, you no one important?"
Ignore her and just be like, who's you?
Then she says, "I'm sorry, this party might be more ghetto than you're used to"
Bitc..., iv'e been to third world countries
People died right before my eyes at these functions
Yet they still thinkin I'm a wanabe suburban fellow
That wants to be ghetto, while waitresses gave me kid's menus
'Till I was 16. My brother made fun of me
For it, and she responded, "Thats you're little sister, don't be mean"
Bouncers will prolly think it's fake I.D.
'Till I'm 36 with kids, who got in before me
And it was my turn to pass out and get f'ed up
But D.D. snuck in a couple shots and got too drunk
Now I gotta drive 'em all up and down town
I swear thats the only reason why they're keepin me around?
It sounds like I dont even have friends. Like I'm the kid
That everyone hates but pretends that their cool with
So by the time we get in, im so pissed
They left me at the bar as I'm pretendin to text, it says...


When you go to someones party with your friends
But you don't know nobody there. So you just sit there in your chair
You kissed that fat chick after she finished giving you oral
And told ya mans that she was really skinny instead
I remember the first time I got a lap dance
I went in my pants in only 20 seconds flat
My girl cheated on me with my own homeboy
"You're girl got a boyfriend?" Yeah, so does my homeboy
He said he was gay. I put on this face, like moms
When I told her I was atheist on Christmas day
She caught me in the act with internet porn, its hard
Going back to playboy when practicing for intercourse
Of course, I used to get embarrassed a lot. 'Till I stopped
Givin a F, cause most kids been through the same stuff
And it's fun seeing the expressions of your friends
When they listen to this, and realize it's about them
And I hate, when all you get is a one word text
I'm not pretending. I just don't know what to say to this Bitc(girl)
And she doesn't realize the message she sends
I'd rather have you laugh at me for being stupid again
Otherwise, I'm the kid who's name they always forget
And after all the times I put Lol, and never flinched!
I'm not surprised that's all that girl said. It hurts more when
They're laughing from the other end, and your not sure if...


Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah
You're the butt end of the joke, check your zipper and hope
They're not laughing at you, what the F do you
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah
Why is this social anxiety prying me
Why do things bother me as much as they do....

Song Title: Social Anxiety
Artist: G Vega

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I loved the lyrics, but couldn't listen to much of the song. The words were too jumbled for me to understand a lot of it. But it was still great :)

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The funny thing is, just sitting with someone without saying anything is immensely enjoyable. I don't know what everyone gets out of constantly gabbing.

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I love it. It's like a day in my life.

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It pretty much captures the mind of a young SAer. I liked it.
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