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Words…what are words…
Just meaningless promises
To ease the pain for the moment…

Words of comfort, words of pain,
Words of truth and words of lies…

What are words?
Just black and white ideas and
Hope written on a white
And for dramatics, words are written in a
Deceiving color…

Words…not followed by action,
I love you; I will be there,
I am a friend, just words…
To ease the discomfort of the moment…

What are these words?
Sung in songs,
That makes the heart flutter,
That makes tears arise,
And agonize the need…

Words of anger…
That are sharper thin a knife,
Bringing anger to the rush of your veins
Then in a moment,
Another word brings you
In the arms of your lover…

Words.that’s all they are
Words. No meaning, no truth, all-human…
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