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What are you doing to help out your SA?

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reading books on CBT
visiting this SAS site :popcorn
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I've been learning new skills and developing new hobbies. The classes that I've been taking get me out of the house and interacting with people who have the same interests. They (the classes) also help to make me feel competent, interesting and a bit more self assured. They've also helped me learn alot about myself : )
Therapy with my grandma and her friend. I'm also planning on trying medication.
I'm doing CBT on this site which is wonderful. Also trying to reduce my cortisol levels and started taking medication for depression :banana
Whenever I am asked to go out or do something, I go.

I have gone to quite a few shows over the pasts couple of months and over the summer. My friends put on an art/music show at a local restaraunt, and I help set up beforehand, and take apart after, and I hang out during the whole thing. I also have been going to my sister's ex-b/f's band's shows and have gone to see other bands. Actually, I go out at least once a week, which is a lot for me. The only downside is that I spend so much money on beer and admission.

The other day I went with my friend to a recording studio and recorded one of the songs he heard me playing in my room when he came over. I don't like the song that much, but it was worth it because I am not used to playing with anyone else, and it felt good to have a drummer (who understands my style) and a very loud amp, and to actually excercise something that I created.

I guess this counts as positive experience.
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Hey BeNice that's really good.

I'm going to a weekly CBT group. :popcorn
trying to get the midwest program on ebay although i keep getting outbid at the last possible second, happened twice. Also I am looking for good audio books and regular books about social anxiety and self confidence/ eye contact etc. even though I think that goes with self confidence. I ordered the audio book psycho cybernetics today. Also eating better and trying to do things that make me happy.
-setting long term goals (not really related to the SA itself, but more like what I want to accomplish before I kick the bucket, kind of like a mission statement. Getting more of an optimistic mindset by reading and working on personal growth.)

-Might actually go to the club with my buddy one of these weekends, maybe next time he bugs me to go with him.

-Going to the gym and working out consistently helps with the depression that comes with SA
I've started exercising and yesterday I got the "Shyness & Social Anxiety Workbook" i the mail, so I've started reading that. I'm also considering telling my parents (again) and see if it's possible to get into CBT here. :)
Nothing, other then visiting sas. I'm kind of ok with my SA.
I'm trying to get off my medicine because it's not doing #$% anymore. But it helped for the first couple of years.

Mostly it's exposure and boosting my self-confidence.
applying for jobs, getting out of the house as much as possible... i was visiting a psychologist every two weeks, but she retired in august!
Im going to do the Midwest program I won a bid on ebay today, so Im going to give this program a shot, I hear it has good potential if your truly dedicated to the program and stick with it.
Thats great shawn20k. Good luck with that! :banana
Exposure right now. Lots of it.

Judo and exercise/nutrition help too :)
meggiehamilton said:
reading books on CBT
visiting this SAS site :popcorn
pardon my asking...What is CBT? I notice that a lot on this forum.
CBT stands for cognitive -behavioral therapy. It is an action oriented form of psychosocial therapy that assumes that maladaptive, or faulty, thinking patterns cause maladaptive behavior and "negative" emotions. (Maladaptive behavior is behavior that is counter productive or interferes with every day living.) The treatment focuses on changing an
individual's thoughts (cognitive patterns) in order to change his or her behavior or emotional state.

Some people choose this form of therapy in conjunction with taking meds.
oh, ok. I didn't know what the abreviation was about.
I just started seeing a psychologist. It's only been three sessions so far, but we're going to focus on fixing me with CBT and psychotherapy for my SA and my "low self-concept."

Have a nice day,
Kelly :)
During the summer, I joined my college newspaper staff. Joining over the summer proved to be a great option for me because I immersed myself slowly. By the time the first paper came out on campus, I already felt comfortable with the group, and had made two wonderful friends. Being a student journalist provides me with great opportunities for exposure: weekly meetings, calling people to set up interviews, actually conducting interviews, attending events, and having to ask people for quotes. I'm willing to do all of it because it empowers me, because I love writing, and because I care deeply for the rest of the staff. It's all had its ups and downs, but overall been a very positive experience.
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