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Over this year's footy season, I have been trying to make up my mind over which footy team I should support. Traditionally, I have been a defacto West Coast supporter. Back in 1986 when the Eagles first came in, I loved them to death. They set a good example, they played hard and behaved like true sportsmen. But my enthusiasm for the Eagles has waned due to their general conceit, their hunger of attention and publicity, their moral standards, and the last straw being Ben Cousins. It seems they are more interested in looking like a bunch of prettied up models.....maybe they should call themselves 'Manpower 2'.

After due consideration, I've finally decided to support Collingwood Magpies. Why? Because they are hated by almost everyone. Story of my life!! If you want to be outside the square, be a rebel and be different, I've realised the pies to be the best option for us loners. I've been rejected all my life, so why not join a team that is rejected by people. Also, they have something that is very rare in society these days......loyalty! I noticed when Ben Cousins moved to Richmond, a lot of the WCE membership moved with him. How fickle is that?

So to sum up! My choice is Collingwood because they are rejected, hated, think outside the square and is a beacon of loyal members.

I would love to know what footy teams my fellow loners support and why!
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