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The last few weeks have been pretty hectic in my head, but my appointment finally came around with a psych (6months later -- yay waiting lists) -- anyways, he was great. He was probably the most professional person I've dealt with in the medical profession and seemed interested in everything and gave several suggestions which I have already acted on a few hours later. All of his comments on the previous drugs I was on made sense, and we went through my suggestions (klonopin, etc) and agreed on a plan whereas my family doctor wouldn't give me a time of day to suggest stuff, because "he knows best" (he prescribed me anti-psychotics for helping with sleep for some reason -- which I didn't bother taking after a ton of research).

For years I've been wanting to play hockey/roller hockey (again, as of like 12 years ago), and even talked to him about that - he suggested I put everything out of my mind, and just do it (yes, we've all heard this as the be all cure, but obviously easier said than done for us) -- I've tried many times to signup/register but could never do it, going as far as holding my mouse over process payment for like 10minutes (one time I clicked Process, but forgot to put in a required field, and it didn't go through, which I saw as a sign to get out :( )

Right after I got out of my 1hour consult with him (which got a load of stress out my mind) I went to the store, bought some rollerblades, and signed up for the league -- without even thinking about it -- now I got a few weeks to practice before it starts so I don't completely suck, but I can't wait.

I'm also about to go rollerblading with my brothers friend (my ex-coworker -who skateboards) through some park/lake trails in the area that I haven't done since I was a kid.

If you asked me 2-3 weeks ago if I could have done this, I would have just cried and went to sleep :D (not really, but theres no way I would have been able to do it so easily). And this is before I've even touched the "good stuff" he's provided prescriptions for, which hopefully I have the willpower to use as needed, and not as a crutch and fall into the benzo trap that so many others fall into.

and thats my tale of the day, and it feels good (until I wipe out and take out my leg/knee/elbow :b )
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