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I've actually gone to FOUR interviews since I've been on the job search... :shock

And not even been that nervous about them! Of course I DID get really nervous right as I was approaching the interview places and was about to walk in the door- and after one I felt sortof bad b/c I felt like I screwed up a lot. However it was short lived.

I still haven't gotten a job though so I'm still searching...

Also on friday I must have made about 12 unsolicited phone calls to CPA firms to get the name of who I should send a resume to- I felt like such a telemarketer but I was able to do it!

These are things I never thought I could easily do in the past. Though, I've been taking 0.5 mg of Ativan before the interviews to make me feel like I could handle it, so I am not perfect, although that is such a small dose the effect may be nonexistant.

Anyhow just thought I'd share.
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