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well first off, let me explain my current status. I don't have car b/c of a dui, and only make it to the library on most days of the week, otherwise I'm in my room, living at home with parents. so very little socializing at the moment.

I had to go to houston, texas for a test (I'm from southern california), and while the test could have gone better, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there.

As I arrived in houston intercontinental airport I knew there was a free shuttle service but didn't have the info, and the computer kiosk didn't have it listed and so I was brave and asked two girls, (girls), at an adjacent shuttle service for help. one gave me instructions, and when I returned empty handed, she came with me to the information booth, helped me find the number. I think in past times, I might have eventually asked for help but it would have taken me quite longer.

I was picked up by a shuttle after 15 minutes and was able to make small talk with the lady (who i later discovered owned the hotel), the entire trip. It would have been easier for me for me to just shut up, but I felt like I was on a roll and responded to and countered with questions. Overall, there were some shared laughs and I gathered some useful info. I was quite pleased with myself. Not too long ago, I would have just laid back, and pretended to sleep so I wouldn't have to reveal so much about me.

After the test I wanted to go out for a bit, and was taken to a bar. It had cowboys :um I've never seen real ones. I was sorely out of place, and it was obvious. The bar was crowded but I found one corner that had a little space, so I ordered my drink, and stood there. Oh, and it was right behind a huge wooden post, so very few people could see me. :doh after about 45 minutes of just standing there pretending to take interest in football highlights I discovered some seats open so I moved out of my little forest of one tree and had a seat next to a video/gambling game.

Various people came by and left, but I uttered af ew words when this one guy was doing well, and he responded. eventually conversation followed and I talked to and met some of his friends. I was able to explain what I was up to, and he told me his life story... it seemed so normal. We were guys, so we were talking about various women around the bar, pointing out various curves. We were also thinking out loud about how much the bartender's breast implants cost, and she over heard and told us "6500." It really broke the ice, I ended up talking to her and a female cooworker for a little bit.

I somehow made it back to the hotel and woke up to a voice about a shuttle leaving at 6:30. I missed it but was able to make the 7:00am shuttle after I threw things into my carry on and chewed on 3 sticks of gum. I was still burping up last night's burger. so I barely made the boarding for my flight back in hurried fashion. And while I would have been freaked out about the consequences of not making the flight, I really just relished in my competence in dealing with other humans. and that for me, was huge.
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