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I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, I went to a carnival today with a few friends and a few people that I did not know. I find that I tend do get nervous if the ratio of people I don't know outweighs the ratio of people I do know. Also it depends on how comfortable I am with the people I do know. Anyway had a really fun time went on a few rides and played some games, didn't win anything though :(. But I felt really comfortable almost the entire day, even though there were a few people I did not know and I was able to be loud and open and just be myself around everyone. It's been a while since I felt that open. I think I've found that the reason why I get reserved and shy around certain people is because I'm intimidated by that person, but I think it helps a lot of I know a lot more of the people I'm in the group with. Anyway had a good day, felt comfortable being myself and had fun!
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